The Transmission of the Lamp ~ 09

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event type discourse
date & time 30 May 1986 pm
location Punta Del Este, Montevideo, Uruguay
language English
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shorttitle TRANSM09
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1
Beloved Osho, when you spoke about devotees I was very deeply touched because that is what I feel for you: devotion. If the price of enlightenment were to stay away from your presence, I would give it up gladly for the bliss and centeredness I feel right now just looking into your eyes.
It happens to me several times during discourse: looking at you, suddenly time and movement stop. And with this phenomenon I feel a rush of almost tangible love-energy entering my body with such strength that a few times I literally feel my body pushed back by it.
I love you, and I hope I never have to leave for as long as you live.
Question 2
Beloved Osho, years ago during a psychosynthesis workshop, when we were in a hypnotic state the leader took us through Plato's allegory of the cave, where the men were standing by the fire looking at the shadows on the wall, never having seen the opening of the cave.
This left a deep impression on me, and I would be so grateful to hear you speak on this.
Question 3
Beloved Osho, from early childhood until my first few years as a sannyasin, an experience of expansion would happen: my head would fill the whole room, and later on it would fill the house and then move outside the house and surround it.
This has not happened for a few years, and although it does not feel like a loss, I wonder why it stopped and what it was.
Question 4
Beloved Osho, what is it about trees that evoke such feelings of the primordial in me?
They are beings of such silence and stillness. They seem to have that dignity which comes with knowing something eternal, and they represent something I feel I must know or once knew. Their appeal is not simply that of the beautiful and graceful; they have such an unobtrusive allurement, the attraction of something fathomless that I do not even feel I need to understand, but long to be enveloped in.
The instinct is to move towards relating to them; and yet to hug or touch a tree doesn't seem to be what it's about at all.
And I know I have often felt of you as a tree, for you bear those same qualities.
Are trees trying to tell us something?
Question 5 from Sw Milarepa
Beloved Osho, recently you mentioned some ancient meditation techniques in relation to some of our childhood experiences. Imagination seems to be the basis of many of these techniques.
What is the difference between imagining one is enlightened and being enlightened?


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