The Transmission of the Lamp ~ 16

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event type discourse
date & time 3 Jun 1986 am
location Punta Del Este, Montevideo, Uruguay
language English
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shorttitle TRANSM16
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1
Edited excerpt: 14min 9sec, parts of question 1 **
Beloved Osho, what is the difference between the master-and-disciple relationship now, and in the days of buddha and Bodhidharma? It seems that thousands of years ago a new disciple, upon meeting a master, often had a sudden, dramatic realization that opened him up to a state of availability -- unknown in the present time. It was as if the master could slay the disciple with one stroke of the sword. To modern man, those dramatic jumps are so rare. His availability is so partial, his commitment so fragmented, that the master must deliver a thousand strokes of his sword to slay the dragon.
Please comment.
Question 2
Beloved Osho, for the past several months, day after day, I kept giving massages in a luxurious resort of California to people who refused to breathe, to feel, to open up. No connection was possible, and I felt myself more and more drained by it.
The other night you talked about the transfer of energy between a dying person and the people surrounding him.
In such a close contact as massage is, is awareness enough to prevent the absorption of negative energy?
Question 3
Beloved Osho, the other day you were talking about three different kinds of horses, in reference to as many kinds of disciples, in regard to the use of the whip. I couldn't find out to which group I belong, and imagine myself being temporarily in each one.
Osho, to which group of disciples do I belong?
Question 4
Beloved Osho, in Poona I remember you would sometimes say to sannyasins, "Good! Finally you have come. I have been waiting for you."
Osho, do you know our past lives?
Question 5 from Sw Milarepa
Beloved Osho, I listen to you and watch these mysterious meetings from the soft darkness I know as myself: sometimes silent, but more often than not, a variably cloudy sky of this thought and that. Suddenly you say my name, and all hell breaks loose -- bells ring, a whistle blows, and the carnival comes to life as if powered by a high voltage current, millions of lights, thousands of rides, and hundreds of children running all around in wild abandon.
I look for the watcher, but he is on the ferris wheel screaming with delight.
Osho, when the lights go on, it is certainly a carnival of celebration inside, but much too much for me to watch at this point. So for the time being, all I can possibly do is laugh along with you and feel grateful.
Question 6
Beloved Osho, although I see myself listening to you with an open heart and a silent mind, I have the feeling that my mind is transformed but not my being.
How can I manage a heart understanding that helps me to let go?
Question 7
Beloved Osho, there is this vague feeling that when I was a young child I was more clear, aware and open than I am now. Today when there is joy, a certain degree of awareness comes back easily. It looks like fear and suffering made me become clouded and unaware, in order not to be touched ... as if my darkness were able to extinguish my light.
Is a certain climate necessary for awareness to grow?
Question 8
Beloved Osho, you spoke of the hidden treasures stored in the superconscious. Are there any treasures in the unconscious or is it just a pandora's box full of agonies? Sometimes I feel I suppress happiness as well as negative emotions.


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