The Transmission of the Lamp ~ 26

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event type discourse
date & time 8 Jun 1986 am
location Punta Del Este, Montevideo, Uruguay
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 41min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle TRANSM26
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1 from Avirbhava
Beloved Osho, yesterday I was told that I am intelligent. I felt as if I had been called something terrible... as if it was even dangerous.
Would you please shed some light on the fear of intelligence?
Question 2
Edited excerpt: 9min 58sec, parts of question 2 **
Beloved Osho, it seems to me that human beings feel that just to be themselves is not enough. Why do most people have such a compulsion to reach power and prestige and so on, rather than just being simple human beings?
Question 3
Beloved Osho, for a few moments the other morning, while watching you, I saw that nobody was there. I saw the emptiness, the hollow bamboo. Why did I find this spooky and awesome when you have been speaking of the beauty of emptiness for years?
Question 4
Beloved Osho, there is an exotic flower growing in Uruguay -- a flower which originated in the East and has spread its seeds all over the entire world.
Over the years, many have been drawn to the flower because of its extraordinary beauty. Some have enjoyed that beauty, but fleetingly, and have gone on their way. Others have seen its loveliness, and have been drawn even closer, for its fragrance is like none other. Its perfume has become part of their very blood, and they now have no other world except that which has sprung up around the flower.
The flower hints of even greater treasures that it holds -- of greater depth, not readily available to the curious, the cautious, the greedy, the aggressive. And those who linger by its side, begin to perceive, as they find the eyes, what the flower embodies.
Beloved Osho, I delight so much in this delicate game of question-and-answer, this gentle drawing out of all that you have to share.


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