The Turning in Bhagwan

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(This title is not to be confused with Turning In (letters) or Turning In (discourses).)
It is unknown if this title has actually been published. It appeared in one old book-list:
The Mysteries of Life and Death (1974), in a listing of Translated from Original Hindi
The Osho Source Book, mentions "“Various pamphlets describing Rajneesh began to appear in 1971 (Milne: Turning In (sic) ...". It is unknown if this is related, but a Milne pamphlet would of course be inconsistent with a translation from Hindi.
The title is not mentioned in the Lao Tzu Library Book List, nor on the List of Early Books, nor on the CD-ROM (which does mention the two other Turning In).
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The Turning in Bhagwan

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