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also =  [https://www.oshoviha.org/p-1561-the-way-of-the-heart-dvd OshoViha]
also =  [https://www.oshoviha.org/p-1561-the-way-of-the-heart-dvd OshoViha]
:[http://www.swami.de/ranch_e.htm Osho Film Festival]  |
:[http://www.swami.de/ranch_e.htm Osho Film Festival]
:OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,032 |
trailer =  |
trailer =  |
film =  |
film =  |

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Also known as Rajneeshpuram: The Way of the Heart, and as Bhagwan: The Way of the Heart.
A description by Osho Film Festival :
No other film shows the unique atmosphere of love and spirituality better than this masterpiece. A must for all who want to learn more about the ranch and the vision of life lived there.
Fascinating film scenes are commented by quotes Osho has given about the context shown there.
text : "The heart longs for adventure - it longs for the uncharted, the unknown"
(Osho talk, from Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing ch.12, q.2)
I am absolutely fulfilled. There is nothing in this world or in the other world which can have any attraction for no desires are finished. I am here just hanging around to share whatever I have experienced. There is nothing for me to gain. If I die right this moment there will be no complaint because I am fulfilled, I am utterly contented. I am not interested anything at all, but what I have seen is so vast and so immense and so beautiful and so lovely that I would like as many people as possible to share it before this flower withers away.
The people who are gathered here are my friends, (...)
Here you will not find any guru. Here you will find yourself
The Commune
Osho talk: (from The Dhammapada, Series 2 ch.8, q.2)
We are going to live existence in its totality. We are going to live as scientists, as poets, as mystics -- all together! (...)
The real religious man has to contribute to the world. He has to make it a little more beautiful than he found it when he came into the world. (...)
The commune is going to transform work into playfulness, it is going to transform life into love and laughter. (...)
to transform the ordinary, mundane things into extraordinary, spiritual things. (...)
This very body the Buddha, this very earth the Lotus Paradise.
Song The Way of the Heart (music track)

(to be completed, from 5:46)

Zorba the Buddha
text (as an advertisement?): "The Third Annual World Celebration... June 30 - July 6, 1984 in Rajneeshpuram"
"Recorded live at Rajneeshpuram"
30 min


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