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Subtitle: The Rise and Fall of Rajneeshpuram

A forum discussion and presentation about the legal aspects around Rajneeshpuram, organized by the US District Court Historical Society (USDCHS) in the series Famous Cases.
It was held on Thursday, June 27, at 7:00 p.m. at the First Congregational Church, 1126 SW Park Ave, in downtown Portland.
From the program's website:
Program: Leading advocates on both sides of the Rajneeshpuram episode will address issues that continue to reverberate today. Three speakers made prominent appearances in the highly acclaimed Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country. The discussion will be moderated by Oregon Supreme Court Justice Tom Balmer. Speakers are:
  • Philip Toelkes (a.k.a. Swami Prem Niren), attorney for the Rajneesh
  • Robert Weaver, assistant U.S. attorney at the time and lead federal prosecutor
  • William Gary was Oregon Deputy Attorney General, assisting AG Dave Frohnmayer on matters related to Rajneeshpuram
  • U.S. Magistrate Judge Jelderks (also [1]) who presided over a number of the state court legal proceedings

Introduction by the chairman:
(beginning inaudible) "... title of course playing off Wild Wild Country, the recent Netflix documentary on this same topic.
This program is part of the Famous Cases series of the US District Court Historical Society, it's being presented jointly by the Oregon Historical Society and the US District Court Historical Society."
2019, June 27, streamed live on YouTube
3h 22min



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Wild Wild History: The Rise and Fall of Rajneeshpuram - the event's main page, here as PDF.
Wild Wild History: Key Players in the Rajneeshpuram Episode Come Together for Famous Cases Discussion - an article by Douglas Pahl, here as PDF.
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Link: 3jT33TXJ-DE
Title: Wild Wild History: The Rise and Fall of Rajneeshpuram
Published: Streamed live on Jun 27, 2019, 1,393 views (on 2020-03-09)
Publisher: River City Media, 8 subscribers


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