Unknown discourses Amritsar 1970 ~ 03

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event type discourse
date & time 31 Jan 1970
location Amritsar
language Hindi
audio Not available
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video Not available.
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Published, or at least majorly excerpted in Yukrand (युक्रांद) Jul 1, 1970 issue, p 3-14, read there. See also Osho's Itinerary. Pics below are from this visit to Amritsar. Osho was invited to visit the Golden Temple by Bhai Mohinder Singh, an elderly temple official who is with him in all the pictures, wearing the dark vest. Ma Kusum Bharti accompanied him to Amritsar and appears in two of the pics as well. Osho was hosted in Amritsar by Chamanlal Agrawal. The venue of this and other discourses in Amritsar is not known.

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