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Santo in 1989
Santo in 2022
Santo - Overtone harp-1
Santo - Overtone harp-2
(Santo Bartsch)
Santo was born 1955 in East-Berlin,Germany. Not being a professional musician he first played guitar and toured locally with 2 friends presenting covered german chansons.
Becoming a sannyasin in 1984 he started to look for meditative music without technical virtuosity. He discovered overtones and finally found his instrument, the overtone harp. He started to build them by himself and discovered the connection between overtones and chakras. With great support of his friend Sangit Om they recorded the Overtone Chakra Meditation in Hamburg/Germany.
Santo sent the music to Osho and got the message back that „this music could be very helpful for your meditation“. With his wife Udgatri making the cover painting of the mediation it was published first in Germany by Osho Verlag but also got sold in the commune in Pune, in Japan and other countries. It only got sold in small numbers so selling was stopped later on.
Santo used to work as a lawyer and mediator in own praxis until his retirement 2020, he still lives in a small town at the Hamburg border and is frequently visiting India.

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1997 : Oberton Chakra Meditation (music album)
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