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Notes for myself (Gujarati books)

  • Tatvamasi - Lagan Murhut Sab Juth ch.3 Q1 (first), ch.5 Q2 (last) - full book needed.


I am thinking about Locations for some time now. There should be a section on Locations under Osho and Around Osho in left panel. They bring to list of locations associated with Osho and around Osho/Sannyas locations. There is a lot of information related to locations littered around this wiki which can be reorganised this way and linked appropriately on various pages. They can be linked in timeline, books TOC, Event pages, people articles and elsewhere. We can also have comprehensive information about each location and his connection to Osho (like how many camps were organised at this place and when). Large city/country articles can have sublocations and each having info about their own and their sublocations listed. We have some location articles while at many places locations points to Wikipedia articles.

There is mapframe module and template on Wikipedia which can be imported here and infobox with coordinate location can be displayed here too.

In similar manner, sannyas locations like meditation centres etc can be organised too.

  • Each location page should be named for their easy identification so two title format (location and its superlocation) can be helpful
[Specific location], [City/Town], [State/Admin division], [Country]
    • Cross Maidan, Bombay
    • Vishvanid, Ajol
    • Woodlands, Bombay
    • Rajneeshpuram
    • Mount Abu, Rajasthan
    • Oregon, US
  • Each article can have following sections (my opinion, can be done in different manner):
    • Lede summarising article
    • History of location in relation to Osho and if exiting relevance if any
    • Events List of meditation camps, talks, talk series, residence, other events at location by Osho
    • Sublocations Locations within this location like in Rajneeshpuram
    • About Discussion about location (especially when unidentified), any relevant info, current state of location etc.
    • See also (Wikipedia article and other relevant external links if any)

These are my thoughts. More ideas and opinions are welcome. Regards,-Nizil (talk) 05:27, 13 January 2023 (UTC)