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Vijay's Building Supply shop in Osho's home town Gadarwara ... may not be a "real" letterhead but a blank invoice form. The original size is not known but may prove to be smaller than a normal letter size. Plus the top edge apparently has been torn along a perforated line, as it might be off a pad of such things. The business appears to have been a family business rather than a friend's, likely named for Osho's brother, Sw Vijay Bharti. See discussion for more on that.

The main portion of the letterhead / invoice reads:

विजय गृह निर्माण सामग्री भंडार (Vijay grih nirmaan saamagri bhandaar, Vijay Home Building Supplies)
गाडरवारा (म.प्र.) (Gadarwara M.P.)

Above that, in the left and right corners, in Roman letters, are Vijay's rego numbers for sales taxes, CST (Central) and MPST (state), and below it on the right a space to write the date.

Only one letter is known to have been written on this "letterhead":

Letter written on 12 Aug 1965, to Ma Yoga Sohan