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  About this Wiki
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In this 50,000+ page Wiki you will find verified and exhaustive information about Osho's work, his discourses and his books, including all the music that was made around him.

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  Osho's Biography and Timeline

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and a Timeline that spans from the 1950s to 1990, covering the When, Where & What of more than 9,000 events in Osho's life.

  Osho's Bibliography

This wiki currently lists more than 4,700 titles in 32 languages. All known editions are shown with in depth info, table of contents and sample scans.


More than 1,100 scans of Osho's handwritten discourses, notes and letters.

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  Media - music, books and films around Osho
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  • enjoy the world's largest Sannyas music collection
  • details of almost 1,000 albums, including all Festival music
  • listen to over 3,400 samples, more than 600 of them in full length
  • get lyrics, notation and artist info for more than 500 tracks

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  Friends of Osho

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