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LoveOsho podcasts

The LoveOsho project were 150 audio-interviews with old and new sannyasins, with invaluable testimony of their life and times.
The subjects range from their life with Osho and with Ma Prem Nirvano, meditation, their work in psychotherapy and medicine, etcetera.
Now all of these podcasts are part of this Wiki, see LoveOsho podcasts. They were kindly shared by the makers, Francesco Gatti and Ilona Gultyayeva.

Testimonial letters

We are presently setting up documentation of 2700 Testimonial letters.
This is an amazing collection of letters from people all over the world attesting to Osho's superlative qualities as a religious teacher.
They were written in 1983 to help with Osho's attempt to get permanent resident status in the US.
This project will take some months to finish. We'll keep you posted here.

City of Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan

We finally acquired a good copy of City of Rajneeshpuram Comprehensive Plan.
This is an important document, 3 books, which were the basis of the development of Rajneeshpuram. It played an important role in the development, but also in the legal battles that ensued.
The books can be downloaded as a PDF.

Hindi books and audio sorted

The Wiki-team has been working for years to sort out the often confusing relationships between Osho's Hindi words in different books and different versions of audio. Many of the titles turned out to be confused, misplaced, collected in different series etcetera.
We believe we have been able to clear up a lot of the mist... and are still working on it.
Just as an example, have a look at Talk:Shiksha Mein Kranti (शिक्षा में क्रांति), look under Current Understanding.
A complete list of these tables you will find in this search.

Osho's letters transcribed

With the help of Hindi friends, the Wiki is now showing transcripts for all handwritten letters, most of them in Hindi. See Osho's manuscript letters. Enjoy easy reading!

finally found some time to replace the logo with a coloured version :))

New home page

Just in time for a nice Christmas present.... here is our new homepage to all of our readers.... !!

Manuscript letter collection

A new and growing collection of Osho's manuscript letters!
We are now in the process of introducing never before seen handwritten letters.

New Event pages

We just added an amazing 9,000 event pages ! This is the result of several years of research by the Wiki-team.
These pages try to show everything that is known about individual "events" (discourses, interviews, letters and other writings).
Each event page is a unique identifier of the particular set of words given on a particular occasion, however many different forms in different books those words may take (see also above).
If you, dear reader, remember anything special about Osho's work in a specific event, use these pages to share that.

New Wiki servers

We have now moved the Sannyas Wiki to new servers that use SSDs (solid state drives).
Provided you have a fast internet connection (100Mbits/s +), you will notice that server responses are about 10 times faster than before.
We are now finally running on state-of-the-art servers. Enjoy the ride ...

Tables of contents for English books

There are now proper tables of contents for all the English first editions and also the translations from Hindi to English.
The TOC shows the names of the chapters, and also exactly when and where Osho was speaking, the duration and available media for each book.
A nice example is A New Vision of Women's Liberation, which is partly a compilation, but also has original interviews.
We have been working on this for several years, together with the upcoming event-pages. Work on the Hindi titles is ongoing, if we have enough information we may add TOCs for these too. As of January 2020, the Hindi TOC's are work in progress.

This is the table of contents for The Beginning of the Beginning :

edition 1979
chapter titles
event location duration media
1 From Dependence Towards Truth 25 Feb 1969 pm Junagadh, meditation camp 0h 58min audio
2 From Delusion Towards Truth 26 Feb 1969 am Junagadh, meditation camp 1h 12min audio
3 From Belief Towards Truth 26 Feb 1969 pm Junagadh, meditation camp 1h 10min audio
4 From Dreams Towards Truth 27 Feb 1969 am Junagadh, meditation camp 0h 59min audio
5 From Emptiness Towards Truth 27 Feb 1969 pm Junagadh, meditation camp unknown missing

Timelines refreshed

The timelines by year have been given a big make-over: many corrections and additions, it turned out that much more details were known in the Wiki than was shown in the timelines. Here is the timeline-bar, linking to each year.
?? << 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90
In the new column event, for now you will find mostly red (inactive) links. Over the next two months or so, each of these links will go to an "event page".
Coming up - event pages
These will be full pages with all known information on that discourse, letter, interview etc. That will include information about audio and video availability and quality, availability of the text, a synopsis of the questions and potentially much more.

Hindi names updated

Hindi book-names, in the format <Transliterated title (Devanagari title)>, have been made by English-speakers using the historical references we had at hand. A few months ago we got the help of Shailendra, and he has directed the editing team in using more modern ways of transliterating, and correcting the errors we made in the Devanagari.
About 132 Hindi book-titles have been updated.

Portuguese Publications

Updated Portuguese Publications and Portuguese Books around Osho.

Wild Wild Country

Of course, in our Filmography, here is our page on the Netflix series Wild Wild Country (2018) that has created a big buzz since its release.
It shows the Ranch to new audiences, and presents old-timers with a whirlwind of memories, and maybe a creative revaluation of that amazing experience.
The page will get updates for months to come, with reviews by sannyasins, interviews with the makers, etc.
And by the way, if you are interested in a documentary by an independent institute, have a look at Rajneeshpuram (2012). In several aspects it's more balanced and informative.

A Cup of Tea: sources

We finally came to tracing the letters in A Cup of Tea to their earlier sources. Have a look at A Cup of Tea (sources).
(What a joy to delve into these letters. Fabulous wisdom, concentrated to the minimum of words.)

Osho Manuscripts project

This was started by Danish library science professor Sw Anand Neeten, who shared his manuscripts with the Wiki a few years ago. For the long story and a linked list of all manuscripts, see Category:Manuscripts.
Right now, we are working together with Sw Shailendra Saraswati to have the manuscripts transcribed. It turns out, that many can be traced to the books they were made into, for example.