Why Is Man Dying?

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translated from
This title is not mentioned in the Lao Tzu Library Book List.
The CD-ROM mentions it under "Listing of Titles to MiniTitles" as a Hindi translation, but gives no text.
The List of Early Books says: "12/67 Hindi, Unpublished, only one discourse ".
The Osho Source Book has three mentions:
  • 2. Lectures and Discourses 1964-1974: Pre-1970: Why is Man Dying *H 1-10??.12.67?
  • I. MANUSCRIPTS: 16. Yah Manushya Kyon Mar Raha Hai? 1968 (Why is Man Dying?) - 4 sheets. One sheet repaired. - Green ink. - Article adopted from Thoughts.
  • Not in INB and NL Calcutta. Year of publication is to be verified: Why is Man Dying? Rajneesh Foundation. 10 discourses from December 1, 1967. (source: this Wiki)
Above manuscript says that talk compiled from evening discourse.
A former version of this page suggested there are 10 chapters.
Conclusion: probably not published in English under this title.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Dec, 1967 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters