Wild Dances and Silent Songs

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Cover: Music from the World of Osho

Sufi songs, Poona, India

Ma Anand Savita reports (June 19 - 22, 2012):

This is the cassette Wild Dances and Silent Songs, which, along with Jalal, the audio technician, I helped produce.
It was a live-in-Buddha-Hall production covering several Heart Dances over a few months and I believe the 1989 publication date is correct.
(Although some are ’Sufi songs’ the meditation was known as Heart Dance.)
The main vocalists are Sw Ramananda (US), Ma Satyam (UK) and Ma Anand Neera (UK). My voice is also there, also in guiding the dancers.
There would have been about 200 people singing and dancing during the recordings."

various writers incl.
Sw Ramananda
Ma Anand Savita
Ma Anand Neera
Sw Ramananda
Ma Satyam
Ma Anand Savita
Sw Jalal
Ma Anand Savita

Tracks - full length

1989 Tape MC
01 Witchee Tai Tai 7:17
02 I Let Go 4:59
03 Hunderlay 5:33
04 Leela Leela 4:42
05 Khalbee 7:09
06 Oh, My Heart 6:17
07 Jumna Ki Jai Jai 1:51
08 Om Namo Narayanaya 3:25
09 Tumbling Down the Mountain 4:18
10 Don t Take It Seriously 2:54
11 Georgie Lasso 2:46
12 Hineh Ma Tov 2:31
13 Dancing With You 3:34


1989 Tape MC

Label (Distributor) : Rebel, Poona, India
OMA Catalog No : 308
Format : Audio Tape MC
Artwork : Ma Deva Sandipa?

2010 ? CD

Label (Distributor) : Osho World Foundation
Format : Audio CD