Wild Wild Country (2018)

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Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

A Netflix Original documentary series, first screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Winner of the Emmy Award "Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series - 2018".

"In 1981 an Indian guru and his followers journey west to Oregon and build a world-class utopian city. Conflict erupts with local ranchers and state authorities, as both sides are pushed down paths neither thought imaginable." (The Tribeca Film Institute)
Mar 16, 2018
6 h 40 min (six part miniseries)


(in order of appearance)
John Silvertooth ~ Antelope Mayor
Rosemaryn and Kelly McGreer ~ local ranchers
Jon Bowerman ~ local rancher
Bhagwan Rajneesh
Ma Anand Sheela
Jane Stork ~ Ma Shanti B
Swami Prem Niren ~ Bhagwan's Personal Attorney
Jayananda ~ President, Rajneesh International
Robert Weaver ~ U.S. Attorney, District of Oregon
Ma Prem Sunshine "Sunny"
Margaret Hill ~ Antelope Mayor
William Gary ~ Attorney General
Mark Greenfield ~ Attorney, 1000 Friends of Oregon

Chapman Way
Maclain Way
written by
Chapman Way
produced by
Duplass Brothers Productions
Juliana Lembi
executive producers
Mark Duplass
Jay Duplass
Josh Braun
Dan Braun
Lisa Nishimura
Ben Cotner
Adam Del Deo
edited by
Neil Meiklejohn

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