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This letterhead is the fourth of Osho's five known letterheads from the Woodland era. The third was the last to make any major design changes until Osho moved to Pune. This one follows the third quite closely, but for one change:

The design changes of the previous one are all retained, even down to small details. The funny thing is ... The impetus for that change had been his name change, when he adopted the honorific title Bhagwan. For this letter head and the next, "bhagwan shree" is gone, leaving a bare "rajneesh", albeit still in an electric blue faux-Devanagari style.

In fact, this one was first used, at least according to our meager sampling, only a month after the previous was first used. Lots of devices for those involved.

The letterhead now reads, not quite in the top left corner:

rajneesh (lower-case, in a faux-Devanagari style, in a slightly toned-down electric blue colour)

And continuing to the right but lower down, in small all-caps the same colour:


And above the end of that in the top right corner, a dark-coloured squared-off ॐ logo.

Just two letters and three name-papers using this letterhead have turned up so far:

Letter written on 14 Aug 1971, to Ma Yoga Prem
Letter written on 18 Oct 1971, to Sw Krishna Saraswati
Name-paper Yoga Bharat 1972 (31 Mar 1972), recipient Sw Yoga Bharat (2)
Name-paper Jnana Dharmananda (undated), recipient Sadhu Jnana Dharmananda
Name-paper Keshavananda Teertha (undated), recipient Sw Keshavananda Teertha