Woodland-DN-1 Letterhead

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This is the last known Hindi/Devanagari letterhead used by Osho. So far, none have shown up from later eras, and at this point would seem unlikely. Neither this one nor the last-but-one, Churchgate-DN-1 Letterhead, appear to have been used extensively; so far we have images of only two of this one and one from Churchgate, all of them name-papers.

This letterhead is modeled mainly on the first English one from Woodland. In the upper left corner it has (in Devanagari):

Acharya Rajneesh (in a larger dark italic-like font)

And continuing to the right but lower down, in smaller blue letters:

A-1 Woodland Apartments Peddar Road Bombay-26 phone . 382184

Above that, in the right corner is a "standard" two-colour Jeevan Jagriti Kendra logo. Note that the above text representations are not translations but transliterations.

When they were used is a bit tricky, since only one of the two we have was dated, making the sampling fairly random. And were they ever used for letters, or only name-papers? Here are the two we have:

Name-paper Yoga Krishna 1971 (est date late 1970 < 20 Sep 1971, updating earlier "Sadhvi" name on original paper)
Name-paper Amrita Viveka 1971 26 Sep 1971 in Mt Abu
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