Work Is Love Made Visible ~ 14

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Reader of the questions: unknown (perhaps Madhusudan).
Question 1
Osho, now is the time to put things into concrete terms and act. In that respect we wanted to know what sort of a constitution we should have. There is no doubt that it should be flexible. Should the registration be now or after some time? Should it be done in India or at the headquarters in New York? What should be the preamble of our constitution? What are the basic functions of each of the international presidents, the continental president and secretary, and the national one? How should the two be interconnected so that that work can be more perfect?
Then, what practical action do we need to take regarding the meditations, and the healing? Please tell us a little about how these things are to be organized, in regard to Neo Sannyas International. What is the distinction between the activities of N.S.I. and the Life Awakening Center to be? How are they to be organized so that there is no overlapping between them, and the people who specialize in a particular branch can devote themselves to it? How do we choose those people and give them specialized work?
And in all this respect, we want there to be some sort of a camp for all the sannyasins we have, so that we can give them this message, a practical share of exactly all that we want to, and some training during the period of the camp.
Question 2
Osho, no, we only want to be enlightened on these points.
Question 3
So this is a golden rule?
Question 4
... constitution within the constitution?
Question 5
Osho, what about camps for the sannyasins?
Question 6
Special camps for training the sannyasins?
Question 7
At this time we are having that difficulty. Is that how it works?
Question 8
So why not start with training now... so that the pace of work can be...