Zen: Its History and Teachings

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Only once in the history of human consciousness, says Osho, has a thing like Zen come into being. In Zen: Its History and Teachings, the noted mystic explains that Zen has no rituals, no chanting, no mantras, no scriptures, only short, evocative parables and teachings that make it ideal for the modern seeker. Using his characteristic humorous, encouraging style, Osho guides readers through the origins and development of this seminal spiritual tradition that is neither religion nor dogma nor creed. He provides a context for those who have not been born into the Zen tradition, introducing them to its timeless approach to existence. The book argues that the only preparation for fully experiencing Zen's power is meditative awareness, and Osho presents simple techniques to achieve this awareness. Stunning color photographs throughout offer further inspiration and illumination.
Includes photographs taken at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India.
Later published as Zen: Its History and Teachings and Impact on Humanity.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
number of discourses/chapters
11 plus introduction and afterword   (see table of contents)


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Zen: Its History and Teachings

Year of publication : 2004
Publisher : The Bridgewater Book Company Ltd.
ISBN 0-681-15317-2 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 144
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes :

table of contents

edition 2004
chapter titles
source of the compilation
Introduction unknown
Part One: Born in Laughter
1 The Seed of Zen unknown
Part Two: The Lion's Roar
2 Bodhidharma Goes to China unknown
Part Three: A Marriage with Tao
3 Sosan, the Third Zen Patriarch unknown
4 Tending the Ox--A Zen Allegory unknown
Part Four: Rinzai, Master of the Irrational
5 Zen Goes to Japan unknown
Part Five: Flowers Bloom
6 The Japanese Contribution to Zen unknown
7 A Temple for Tea--A Zen Ceremony unknown
Part Six: Anecdotes of the Absurd
8 The Illogical Life unknown
Part Seven: Zen Dialogues
9 Tales of Enlightenment unknown
Part Eight: The Mystery of the Koan
10 Insoluble Puzzles unknown
Part Nine: Zen in the West
11 A New Approach to Existence unknown
Afterword unknown