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Portuguese Publications

Updated Portuguese Publications and Portuguese Sannyas Publications.

Wild Wild Country

Of course, in our Filmography, here is our page on the Netflix series Wild Wild Country (2018) that has created a big buzz since its release.
It shows the Ranch to new audiences, and presents old-timers with a whirlwind of memories, and maybe a creative revaluation of that amazing experience.
The page will get updates for months to come, with reviews by sannyasins, interviews with the makers, etc.
And by the way, if you are interested in a documentary by an independent institute, have a look at Rajneeshpuram (2012). In several aspects it's more balanced and informative.

A Cup of Tea: sources

We finally came to tracing the letters in A Cup of Tea to their earlier sources. Have a look at A Cup of Tea (sources).
(What a joy to delve into these letters. Fabulous wisdom, concentrated to the minimum of words.)

Osho Manuscripts project

This was started by Danish library-science professor Sw Anand Neeten, who donated his manuscripts to the Wiki a few years ago. For the long story and a linked list of all manuscripts, see Osho's Manuscripts.
Right now, we are working together with Sw Shailendra Saraswati to have the manuscripts transcribed. It turns out, that many can be traced to the books they were made into, for example.

Tables of Contents for each book

Just a note about the ongoing project to give each book its table of contents. The material is in fact ready for bulk entering into the Wiki, that is, for the first editions. But we are waiting for the last details on another, even bigger project, i.e. the work to give each event where Osho was "present" its own page.
Stay tuned.