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(Aanchal Khanna, BAE, BA(Econ))

Birds. Trees. Books. Sky. These were my first threads to Osho. Much before I knew His name, His words, he had secretly permeated my life. Experiences came like sparks of a fire that hasn’t yet started. In Class 12, I had told my teacher that my biggest fear was to not fulfill my potential. It was also the year when I looked at an eagle in the sky – majestic and at ease in its flight. “If this eagle can enjoy its flight, just swaying while in the air, not being bored of what it does every moment of its life, I want to too. I want what the eagle has,” spoke the voice in me. These moments of flight brought me to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Watching the film, and reading the story brought tears of unknown joy to my heart. I did not know then that the Master was preparing the ground. He was starting the Fire. Fast forward to the day I picked up the book “Atripti kyon?”. I picked up the book and found a magnificently mysterious bearded man adorned in a white lungi on the book cover. Initially resistant, I read a few lines in the book.

The thread had found its other end.

More books were ordered and read. Once the curiosity had satiated, I longed to experience the climate, the living words of the Master. When I first stepped into Oshodham, I knew I had come Home. My maroon Home of laughing, dancing people. My living, alive, throbbing Home. One look at the portrait of the Master, and I was done for. His eyes are thunderous, inviting. “I want what He has,” said the voice within. In that discourse, I heard the name “Jyoti” many times. “Osho is calling me. I don’t know what sannyas is. I don’t know what this means, but this is Home. I want to be His,” said a voice deep inside. My mind finds the whole situation absurd, but my Heart has already decided. The Master has called, and soon enough, sitting on the cushion, being given the mala, I have come Home. The Fire has started. Osho’s Jyoti. Dhyan Jyoti. The name becomes my guide. My light. The only challenge now is to become the name. Laughingly, lovingly, jokingly.

This was the start of my journey. Although I suspect it had started long, long before. I don’t think I can fathom this “before” myself. Herenow, I work as a teacher. I spend my days with children, although I feel that I am the one being taught, not the other way round. My professional background lies in Education and Economics. With a B.A. in both these subjects from Smith College, I have experience working in many progressive schools in the US and India. My deepest work as a teacher has been in sharing meditation with children. I, along with my dear friend, Dhyan Leela, have written a book called “Children of the Heart”. It intends to spread the Master’s vision of a golden future, wherein a celebrating, meditating heart is given space to flower. As Osho’s vision fills my blood and bones, I hope to not just take this work forward, but also become it more, and more deeply…Like a hollow bamboo.

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2020 : Children of the Heart
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