BBC1 Everyman 1994-01-23 - A Fatal Dream Update (1994)

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A documentary on BBC One in the series Everyman about two British women, Sally Croft and Su Hagan, who are awaiting extradition to the US on charges of conspiracy to murder state attorney Charles Turner, which they deny. The program is aired days before the extradition case is decided before the House of Lords.
It is an update to the Everyman broadcast of March 14, 1993 about this story.
The tone is the common "cult lures impressionable youngsters". In the text, several times Bhagwan is directly implied in the crimes of the (for which no evidence has been found ever).
39 min


BBC Everyman
Narrator: Ruth Pitt
Archive Film: KATU-TV, Portland; KGW-TV, Portland; Michael R Hilow, Seattle; Central Independent TV; Osho International Fdn.; Gizmo Films
Photography: Ernie Vincze; Richard Ganniclifft
Sound: Sandy MaCrae; Lyndon Bird;
Dubbing mixer: Peter Brown
On-line Editor: Mike Peatfield
Film Editor: Neil Roberts
Producer: John Smithson
Director: David Darlow
DS - a darlowsmithson production for BBC tv

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,128
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This media is available at IISG in box 147_3 on a DVD "Osho Documentatie-materiaal", file-name = 06.2.Everyman.BBC.1994.avi.

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