Keys to a New Life

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In these talks, Osho goes directly to the essentials of living. he discusses the meaning of truth, giving step-by-step keys to transforming your inner and outer Me. Meditation is the means, and if you see yourself as you really are, conditioning can be swept away. Osho is a master of the Eastern tradition of storytelling and draws on a rich storehouse of parables and stories, bringing ancient wisdom alive for a modern audience. He uncovers a path that begins with the essential self-discovery of the inner search.
"Whenever someone goes within himself, he is the owner of a treasure that never vanishes. He is drowned in an experience of bliss that is the gratitude of life, the blessedness of life, the attainment of life, and the meaning of life." Osho
translated from
Hindi : Jeevan Darshan (जीवन दर्शन) (discourses)
Originally published 1975 in Hindi as Jeevan Darshan. The material in this book is a series of talks by Osho given to a live audience.
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
Aug 12, 1967 to Aug 15, 1967 : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
7   (see table of contents)


Keys to a New Life

Year of publication : 2016
Publisher : OSHO Media International
ISBN 978-81-7261-334-1 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 178
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : Copyright © 1975, 2016 OSHO International Foundation. Image and cover design: Copyright © OSHO International Foundation.
Size : 210 x 135 x 19 mm
Imprint: OSHO Vision
Preface: Osho, The Razor's Edge
Printed in India by Parksons Graphics, Mumbai

table of contents

edition 2016
chapter titles
event location duration media
1 Seeing the Facts of Your Life 12 Aug 1967 pm Ghatkopar, Bombay 1h 0min audio
2 Godliness Comes through Acceptance,
Not Renunciation
13 Aug 1967 am Ghatkopar, Bombay 0h 59min audio
3 Seek and Search with Open Eyes 13 Aug 1967 pm Ghatkopar, Bombay 1h 25min audio
4 Seeing the Goodness in Life 14 Aug 1967 am Ghatkopar, Bombay 0h 57min audio
5 Keys to a New Life 14 Aug 1967 pm Ghatkopar, Bombay 1h 17min audio
6 There Is No Lock on the Door of Truth 15 Aug 1967 am Ghatkopar, Bombay 0h 59min audio
7 Experiencing Love in Life 15 Aug 1967 om** Women's College of Arts, Ghatkopar, Bombay 0h 51min audio