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(Dr. Klaus Peter Horn)

Took Sannyas 1976, lived in Poona One and on the Ranch.
Doctorate in Psychology.
Today he works as a personal coach and as a trainer and consultant for organizations and companies as well as in the training and further education of coaches and trainers.
Certified trainer for System Constellations (DGfS), recognized teaching coach of the German Coaching Association and recognized master trainer for System Constellations Infosyon.

Contact Details

Aretinstr. 2 a
81545 München
Phone: +49 (0)89 6495-4328
Spirituelles Coaching Klaus P. Horn
Dr. Horn, Brick und Partner

1982 : Rebellion gegen den Verstand?
1997 : Die Erleuchtungsfalle
2001 : Das verborgene Netzwerk der Macht
2003 : Organisationsaufstellung und systemisches Coaching
2005 : Erleuchtung und Meisterschaft
2007 : Spirituelles Coaching
2009 : Invisible Dynamics
2019 : Connected to the Unknown

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