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(R. Deretta, aka Santosh)

I took part at my first group in a "Marathon" with Veeresh, in Vivek O.m.c. in Milan, September 1980...at the end of the group there was a lottery to celebrate the 1st year of the Center...the first prize was a two ways flight ticket to Bombay...I won it and immediately left the Rai (Italian national television) and I went to Pune...

I took sannyas the 19th October 1980 and I was living there participating in groups and then working in the Ashram till the Summer '81, when Osho left to America. In December '81, I went to Geetam (California) where the Rajneesh Multiversity, before moving to the Ranch in Oregon, was settled. In Geetam I did the Rebalancing Training, with Anubuddha, Satyarthi and Rakesh, the first one in the normal set up of almost 3 months...and in the Spring '82 I moved, as a "Special Worker" to Rajneeshpuram, where I was working in Saraha, the carpentry shop, till the end of the year. My green card was over and I had to come back to Europe where I was working with Rebalancing first in Stockolm then in Milan from the Spring '83.

In Milan, at the Vivek O.m.c. I led my first bodywork group in June '83 and then I went with all of the workers of the Center to the 2nd Festival in Rajneeshpuram (Oregon). I didn't come back to Europe, but to wait for the right time to go back in Oregon, I went to live in Houston (Texas), where I was working with Rebalancing. In Houston I participated in the "Life Training" with Brad Brown and I did the Trager Training with Gary Brownlee. In January '84 I went back to Rajneeshpuram to take part of one month Advanced Rebalancing.

In September '84 I joined the Osho Commune in Amsterdam where I worked as a carpenter building up the new Commune from an old monastery in Pijnackerstraat. With all the Commune we went to Oregon for the 4th Festival in the Summer '85. At the end of the year '85, while Rajneeshpuram broke down and in the period that Osho was flying to many country to try to settle down...He decided to close all the Communes in Europe, telling to all of His sannyasins to go back in their countries, leaving orange clothes and the "mala" with His picture...to avoid being persecuted.

Back in Italy, I started again giving Rebalancing sessions and leading groups... In 1988 I had a daughter, Leela...In June '89 my son Vania, at the age of 19, left his body in a Commune of "Los Pueblos de Dios", where he was living in Paraguay...I went there for a month to experience the life he did.

In January '89 I was in Pune with Leela and I was there in Buddha Hall when the announcement of Osho's death came. Leela was the first to take sannyas at the first sannyas celebration few days later... As I split from Leela's mother, who is dutch, I moved to live in Belgium in September 1990, to be close by her, as she was living in Middelburg (South of Holland). I started working with Rebalancing in Bruxelles, then in Leuven, where I open in Winksele the "Osho Center for Bodywork and Transformation".

In January '92 I took part in Pune at the first and unique "Osho Rebalancing Teacher Training" and I gave my 1st Osho Rebalancing Training in Belgium.

1993 and '94: 2nd and 3rd Osho Rebalancing Training in Belgium.

In 1995 I moved back again to Italy with my partner Mukti, we bought and restored together our house in the small village of Sassofortino (Tuscany), where I could finally grow my roots... Since 1996 I started with Mukti to give the Rebalancing Training each year in Italy, with a pause between 2002 and 2009.

In January 2000, together with Mukti, we gave the 1st, twenty days, Joint Release Training in Pune.

In 2010, together with a group of ex students of the Rebalancing Training, we found the "Associazione Osho Rebalancing Italia".

At the end of this year 2013, I will be 70...and I still enjoy running every year a new Joint Release and Osho Rebalancing Training in Italy.

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Mobile: 0039 (0)340-914-9934
Skype: shunymukti
Shunyam at the Istituto Osho Rebalancing Italia
Vita di un ordinario sannyasin (Life of an ordinary sannyasin).

2014: Osho Rebalancing
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