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(Ravi Novikov aka атморави)


I was born in Minsk, Belarus. Lived in St.Petersburg, Russia. And now I am in Munich, Germany.

I love to play music. I write songs too. And I have a few home made records. One of them is with ARIGATO band where also my brother Moksha is playing electric guitar.

In Pune I was working in OTI and as Mac doctor. I love Apple machines as much as I love Tori Amos, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kalinov most. But most likely I love them all in different ways.


love, ravi

Singer/songwriter from Minsk, Belarus. Performs alone on stages of Russia, Belarus and Germany singing and playing electric and acoustic guitars using loads of effects and a loop-recorder. In 2004 the debut album Chertopoloh (weed) was released. It was very well recieved by critics and listeners. Then there were 2 acoustic records: Beloe Zoloto (white gold), 2005 and Na Provode (on the line), 2006. After listening to the acoustic versions of the songs many said that they prefer understated music… And yet a new “synthi-pop” record is coming out in September on West Records, Minsk.

Here is what Rolling Stone (Russia) had to say about Cheropoloh:

“Young man with an artist name Ravi lives between Minsk and Munich and even though he makes references towards Osho and hippy’s image philosophy is actually devoted to the proper gods of Tom York and Stereophonics likes. He plays not over sweet, romantic and pretty energetic crossover between synth-pop and songwriter-pop - innocent like a baby’s tear.”

ten full length tracks

Contact Details

Gebsattel Straße 8
81541 München
Skype : atmoravi
email Ravi
Атморави - atmoravi singer-songwriter
atmoravi weblog / новости электро-полей
2004 : Chertopoloh (Чертополох)
2005 : Beloe zoloto (Белое золото)
2006 : Romantika (Романтика)
2006 : Na provode (На проводе)
2007 : Mnogo soglasnyh (Много согласных)
2009 : Nepolnoe schast'e (Неполное счастье)
2010 : Zapasnoj vyhod (Запасной выход)
2012 : Put' belyh oblakov (Путь белых облаков) (first Osho Songs record)
2013 : Proza (Проза)
2015 : Svoboda (Свобода)
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