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(Legal name?)

Swami Shunyo Mahom discovered meditation in 1970 and left his engineering profession for the unknown. He became Osho’s disciple in 1981, has lived in nine Osho communes, and in 1994, discovered a love for painting with Ma Anand Meera. From 1996 thru 2005 he was a student at Osho Academy in Sedona, Arizona. In 2006 a love for Zen calligraphy painting flowered during a workshop with Alok Hsu Kwang-han.

He is the author of three books which can be bought online: Zen Pearls, a Zen art book with Osho quotes; Deva Leela, a poetic autobiography; and Mama Llama's Pajamas, an illustrated children's book. He is often a guest at the Osho Nirvana Ashram in Southern California.

Add to that ... gardener, catholic altar boy, janitor: washing floors at Sears, baking Italian rolls in Borzillo’s bakery, industrial engineer, factory worker at Castelli Engineering, orderly hospital operating room, sales engineer, six times working in commercial kitchens, ski lift operator, US forest fire crew, tree farm, residential and commercial painter, solar sales, telemarketer, commercial fishing boat in Alaska, cowboy at Rajneeshpuram, senior caregiver, chimney sweeper, clown, grocer, massage and breath therapist, conscious life consultant, Zen artist, author, songwriter, laborer, son, husband, father, grandfather, bartender, purchasing agent, international sales clerk, window screen maker and installer, meditation group leader, poet, realtor, house cleaner, lifeguard, plumber, carpenter, window cleaner, golf caddy ....

Contact Details

PO Box 272
Valley Center CA 92082
Shunyo Mahom

2013: The Dilai Dalai Sutras
2014: Mama Llama's Pajamas
2014: Zen Pearls
2016: Deva Leela

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