The God That You Are

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Until now there has been very little available for men about inhabiting their natural destiny - to be a god. The god that you are is a book about realizing that destiny, the potential to fulfil the true possibilities of men. It is a manual for life that not only describes what it means to be a god, including the qualities of a god, but looks into and demonstrates to men how to be gods. In the process it also deals with healing, self acceptance, authenticity, consciousness, self-esteem and boundary issues.

Many men seem to live their lives as though they are driving their car in first gear, with the handbrake on, using only some of the motor's cylinders, towing a trailer full of baggage. And looking around them to see what other people think of them. You don't have to live your life anything like this. You were born as a god and you can continue to live as a god, regardless of your circumstances.

This is your opportunity to free yourself, stop sleepwalking, and be who you truly are. When you have read this book you will not only see for yourself how it feels to be a god, you will be able to tune into yourself perfectly. You can learn how to harness your own thoughts and emotions, and create your own destiny. This is how you can transform your life.

Martin Guinness
Excerpt on Osho News



The God That You Are

Year of publication : 2017
Publisher : Guinness Entertainment
ISBN 978-0646977201 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 200
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :