The Last Testament (Vol 2) ~ 24

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event type interview
date & time 14 Sep 1985 pm
location Sanai Grove, Rajneeshpuram
language English
audio Available, duration 2h 3min. Quality: good.
Live music after the interview.
online audio
video Available, duration 2h 23min. Quality: good, but a slight constant audio-noise.
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shorttitle LAST224
Interview. Announcements by Ma Prem Isabel (?): John Dettinger from Los Angeles Weekly and California Magazine.
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with John Dettinger, California Magazine, Los Angeles, CA.
Question 1
I'd like to know how many communes are there and where are they located?
Question 2
Why do so many come from West Germany, why are the largest number of communes in West Germany? Could it have anything to do with Adolf Hitler and the holocaust?
Question 3
On what grounds would they arrest you?
Question 4
That is surely a civil suit between you and the Nazi Party.
Question 5
Our government is well known for its religious tolerance.
Question 6
It beats persecution. Governments elsewhere have been known to persecute on religious grounds.
Question 7
That seems to be the attitude of the German government at the moment.
Question 8
So then you are persecuted here (inaudible) tolerated?
Question 9
You mean the Constitution of the United States?
Question 10
We've been most impressed in Los Angeles, in California, at how well the commune has won each case and insisted upon the American way being served.
Question 11
Even in Oregon there's a grudging respect for your triumphs.
Question 12
With so many sannyasins -- a million of them worldwide -- I understand that you personally choose each sanskrit name for each sannyasin. Is that correct?
Question 13
How do you arrive at the appropriate name for each sannyasin? How do you manage that? And if you could also explain what the value of taking a different name than one's family name.
Question 14
Does the mala have healing powers?
Question 15
I heard that when the commune began here in Oregon that there was a day off, but then something happened that caused you to institute a seven-day work week. Could you talk about that?
Question 16
I heard that when there was a six-and-a-half-day week, on the half day off there was a tragic accident and that a sannyasin who was a member of the commune drowned. And it was from then on, perhaps lest he fall into oblivion, that the seven-day work week was instituted.
Question 17
I believe it was 1982 that you suggested to the Californian sannyasins that they move out of the state. Could you tell us about that?
Question 18
Are you referring to the law that the L.A. city council passed recently that makes it a civil offense to fire a homosexual who has AIDS or a person who has AIDS not for health reasons?
Question 19
It is a strange paradox. We in California had thought it was an enlightened policy to incorporate cities that had a large voting population of gay people and protect their civil rights. Now, the L.A. city council last week passed a city ordinance, that made it a finable offense to dismiss and thus endanger the civil rights of a person who is afflicted with AIDS from any job, including jobs where he may be handling food, dealing with the public on a personal level like that. It is naturally quite controversial. What do you think of that?
Question 20
Is that a hopeless retardation?
Question 21
I don't think you have many gay people in your commune.
Question 22
In 1979 the American psychiatric association declared that homosexuality was not a medical disease, and the presumption was that since it was a sexual preference it need not be helped.
Question 23
Paul Bunyan?
Question 24
You've told me that only two sannyasins have so far come up with AIDS, although four more have come in making a total I presume of six at the hospice. Can you call it a hospice, the place in Desiderata where they are?
Question 25
But it is a place where they can come to spend their final days?
Question 26
Whether or not they have AIDS.
Question 27
If a person has AIDS and is not a sannyasin, could he come to the Ranch and stay in that faraway place?
Question 28
I first heard you describe, last month, this program of caring for victims of AIDS who are sannyasin; that because these people had nothing to lose they could make love with each other and perhaps through that could be cured.
Question 29
How is your health?
Question 30
You complained less than a year ago that you were ailing from a variety of causes.
Question 31
What symptoms does it take when it does?
Question 32
Why do you have such an abundance? Surely you can only ride in one at a time.
Question 33
Isn't that a bit of overkill, though?
Question 34
People in Los Angeles will truly appreciate that. You know, they say that there's more Rolls Royces in Los Angeles than there are....
Question 35
Some of my friends who are not sannyasin, particularly because California is such a health-conscious place, such a robust, active sports-minded place -- possibly because of the climate, they find it hard to resolve the fact that you have poor physical health and yet are enlightened.
Question 36
Could you give some examples of the consciousness going against biology and natural instinct and that sort of...?
Question 37
Yet there are some yoga teachers, particularly in....
Question 38
Do you practice hatha yoga?
Question 39
I understand that you swim for your health.
Question 40
How often and where and what do you wear?
Question 41
I have a short list of prominent American people, and I was hoping that you might be able to give just a brief impression, one line or so, about each, if I might run it down. For instance, what do you think of Johnny Carson?
Question 42
Nathan Pritikin?
Question 43
I beg your pardon?
Question 44
Jerry falwell?
Question 45
Do you watch movies?
Question 46
Have you any favorites? Any movies that you've enjoyed? Or actors?
Question 47
The david brooks production.
Question 48
The Cecil B. De Mille version?
Question 49
The one with Charlton Heston?
Question 50
Or the early... He did two, you know. He did one that was silent, I believe.
Question 51
Have you seen these recently, because they are at least top of the charts in terms of American popularity.
Question 52
Neither Woody Allen, for instance? Or prince? How about Jesse Jackson? Now, he's a politician, and surely....
Question 53
Have people been seeking the movie rights for that book from you, sir?
Question 54
Is it being made by sannyasins?
Question 55
Where might I find a print?
Question 56
I understand that when the university began with you in Poona, some called it Esalen East. Esalen is a growth center in California. How does your university differ from California growth centers?
Question 57
The prognosis at your university in my particular case was that I had the California syndrome. I was one who professed a great eagerness to change, to transform myself, to drop the mask, to discover my original face but though I proclaimed that, I was unwilling simply to do it. I find myself still on the cusp. How can I move?
Question 58
Must one come to the commune to do this? It seems a heavy price to give up the world as I know it to enter the alternative society.


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