93 Rolls-Royces

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From the back-cover:
Dancing with the divine
Deva Peter experienced a rare and priceless personal relationship with Osho, an Enlightened Master. Together they collaborated on designs painted on forty-five of the ninety-three Rolls-Royces, creating a unique study in post-modern art - and a publicity stunt that shook the world. Underneath it all was the leela - the play - the divine dance of Existence.
Deva Peter Haykus, with Avalon Haykus and Marv Viramo Lincoln
According to Viha, 100% of the proceeds of this book go to support the publication of the Viha Connection.
Osho News has three web pages about this book: #1 (two others are below in "see also".
An account of what happened with the Rolls-Royces after the Ranch was featured in Business Journal of New Jersey, May 1987: Rolls-Royce, Rajneesh and Roethlisberger by Peter Schroeder. The article is shown in this PDF.
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The Spirit magazine of the Rolls Royce enthusiasts club, issue Summer 2015, detailing nearly all the individual Rolls Royces (86). Information includes Vehicle Identification Number, Type, Model Year, Order date, and Delivery date.


93 Rolls-Royces

How an Osho disciple painted woundrous works of art on the world's most outrageous collection of cars

Year of publication : 2016-10
Publisher : Infinite Rainbow LLC
ISBN 978-1-48358-630-4 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 104
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : Copyright © 2016 by Peter Haykus.
Size : 223 x 285 x 13 mm
Editors: Avalon Haykus & Marv Viramo Lincoln
Book and cover design: Anugito, Artline Graphics
Osho Photographs (pages 21 & 34) and quotations from Osho's discourses Copyright © Osho International Foundation. All rights reserved.
Rolls-Royce Photographs on black backgrounds: Bull Sumner. Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.
Ranch Photographs (pages 27, 28, 31, 60, 68, 96): Copyright © JP Laffont. All rights reserved.
This books is a not-for-profit venture, written out of love for Osho. For further information about Osho, his work and his people, please visit: [www.OshoViha.org], www.Osho.com and www.OshoNews.com.
Dedication: To my mother, who taught me to be myself, to my wife, who taught me to love myself, and to Osho, who taught me there is no self.
Introduction: Marv Viramo Lincoln

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