A Drop of Death

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A presentation by the author, Bhakta A. Lorenz, of her collection of short stories, with three reviews: “It’s a great read. On a subject that we all, sooner or later, get to deal with. ‘A Drop of Death’ dares us to think about the inevitable with humour, contemplation, humility, wonder, and courage.”
Humans have only two absolute things in common: We are all born, and we will all die, without exception. It is these two certainties that define our being. Then why is it so difficult, such a taboo to talk about death?
This collection of short stories explores death from different angles, delving into the known and the unknown. We encounter the many ways of dying, be it old age, disease, accident, suicide, murder or genocide. We experience profound feelings when we are confronted with death, whether it is fear, sadness, shame, guilt, denial or relief.
As we share tears and laughter with the protagonists we encounter in these stories, we are encouraged to ask questions like: How can we accompany a loved one to their last breath? How do we survive the sudden loss of a child? How do we forgive a person who has committed suicide? And even, what would it take to murder one's spouse?
Exploring our individual ways of dying might just teach us how to live.
The art of dying is the art of attaining absolute life.
Die as a drop and become the ocean - OSHO
Bhakta Angelika Lorenz
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A Drop of Death

Dancing Your Way to Farewell

Year of publication : 2024.01
Publisher : independently published
Number of pages : 194
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : E
Edition notes :