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When you try to buy older editions from bookshops, these books may not be listed as being authored by Osho.

Prior to May 1971 Osho's books were published under the name of Acharya Rajneesh.

Between May 1971 and February 1989 Osho's books were published under the name of Shree Rajneesh and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Between February 1989 and September 1989 Osho's books were published under the name of Osho Rajneesh.

See From Bhagwan to Osho: The story for a more detailed account of these changes.

After September 1989 Osho's books were published under the name of Osho.

This caused some confusion in the circles of people who create catalogs like Books in Print or shop inventories. You will find that Osho's books are listed in a variety of combinations of the names Osho, Rajneesh, Bhagwan, Shree, Sri and various misspellings.

Not all of Osho's discourses are currently in print, but you might find a particular title at one of the online clearing houses for secondhand books, like abeBooks and alibris in North America or Antiqbook and ZVAB in Europe.

Or you can try some of the Osho book distributors listed in this wiki. Some import books from India, others, like VIHA, still have stock of out-of-print books.

Sw Anand Neeten has done a lot of research on early editions of Osho's work and his publications, which can be found on his website.

After years of publicly denying the fact that a large number of Osho's discourses were out of print, OIF has now (Jan 2009) released this statement on their Publishing blog :

...a new international publishing imprint ‘OSHO MEDIA INTERNATONAL’ will start releasing books by Osho into the international English book market. Osho International has recently entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Publisher Group Worldwide, a distribution unit of the Perseus Publishing Group in the US to distribute our award winning books, worldwide in the English language....

...Once again Osho has an international imprint for his work which does not depend on personal likings or disliking of a editor at a publishing house. We can now release books by Osho which many publishing houses rejected for many years as “too controversial” and make them now available directly to a worldwide audience.”...

...The list will become what is called in publishing, a ‘back-list’, bringing back into print Osho’s beautiful classic works, many of them which have been out of print for some time and some which have just been translated from Hindi and will be available for the first time in English....