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Akasha is an international musical collaboration reflecting a new era in the way music is being created: the musicians that are part of this group use the internet as their meeting place. Musical ideas are exchanged back and forth in cyberspace until the desired result is achieved. Singers from the UK (Tanmayo), Israel (Gerhard Fankhauser) and New Zealand (Kiri Iriwata) exchange ideas online with instrumentalists from India (Bikram Singh on flute, Avinash Jagtap on violin) and composer/ producer Chinmaya Dunster. All share a deep commitment to meditation and Eastern philosophy.

Contact Details

Sw Prem Chinmaya (guitars, tanpura)
Bodhianand (vocals)
Tanmayo Boyd (vocals)
Avinash Jagtap (violin)
Kalyan Mitto (cello)
Prabodh Senger (bass instrument)
Basant Madhur (tabla)
Asiema David
Anuradha (background vocals)
Bikram Singh (bansuri)
Audio Mixer & programming
Sw Prem Chinmaya
2005 : Yoga Spirit
"2006 : Yoga World"
2007 : Om Shanti
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