Beyond Asana: Yoga and Spirituality in the West

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Beyond Asana: Yoga and Spirituality in the West explore the intersection of yoga and it’s associated spiritual traditions as they have evolved and been remade through their coming to the West.

2 episodes
time period of hosting
November 2021
presenter (producer)
The Niyamas Travel Project
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The History and Development of Neo-Tantra in the West - Part 01
In this episode, Betsy discusses Neo-Tantra versus Classical Tantra. She also explains the early history of the movement in the west. Including discussions about Paschel Randolph Beverly, Alister Crowley, and Pierre Arnold Bernard.
Find out how spiritual sex came to the west!
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Date of broadcast : 3 November 2021
Duration : 57:37
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Episode notes :

Rajneesh, Trungpa, and Neo-Tantric Sexologists in the 21st Century
This is part 2 to the first episode on the history and development of Neo-Tantra in the West. Neo-Tantra is a parsed down version of Classical Tantra that focuses on the more sexualized aspects of the tradition. Listen to the podcast to learn how this tradition has transformed from cultish organizations to thriving in the wellness industry.
This episode is formatted a bit differently and I hope you enjoy it!
Date of broadcast : 9 November 2021
Duration : 48:51
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Episode notes :