Bhagwan: Oregon Seeing Red (1985)

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Info about this video:
YouTube code: fgfESoXlG7w
YouTube title: Bhagwan: Oregon Seeing Red
Youtube information:
Rose Yandell
Published on March 27, 2018
A local documentary about the controversial guru who along with his followers, opened Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon in 1981. In the summer of 1985, Bhagwan after ending his four-year silence, talked about his views on the AIDS epidemic and what steps the commune was taking at the time.
Cult expert and author Adrian Greek is also interviewed. First aired on Rogers Cablesystems in East Multnomah County on September 12, 1985.
Information in the video:
Duration: 28:05
0:24 Heading: Bhagwan: Oregon Seeing Red
The first 21min of the video has 17min of excerpts of the interview of the maker, Rogers Cable News, with Osho, event The Last Testament (Vol 1) ~ 23, 9 Aug 1985 pm.
The last part of the video is an interview with Adrian Greek, cult expert.


Rose Read
Associate Producer
Nathan Atwood
David Bates
Greg Harris
This has been a local production of Rogers Cablesystems of Multnomah East © 1985

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