Bhagwan in der Hallertau

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A regional bavarian TV magazine report (Schwaben & Altbayern), was already sent on Jan 19, 2020 and is interviewing neighbours and sannyasins about the sannyas commune in Magarethenried, Bavaria, Germany. How is their memory now almost 50 years later?
The report has nice historical footage (another german TV documentary of the WDR from the 1970s) about this commune. The topic starts at minute 25:58 and stops at minute 35:09.
Bavaria is thought to be a conservative state of Germany. But interestingly the moderator states in the introduction that in the 1970s Bavaria became a little bit „orange“.
Bayrischer Rundfunk - Title of the report: Schwaben & Altbayern:
“Im winzigen Margarethenried in der Hallertau lebten in den 70er Jahren Bhagwan-Anhänger ihre Vision von innerer Erfüllung und freier Liebe. Wie haben die Dorfbewohner damals darauf reagiert und was ist aus den ehemaligen Anhängern geworden?“
(„In the 1970s, Bhagwan followers lived their vision of inner fulfillment and free love in tiny Margarethenried in the Hallertau. How did the villagers react back then and what became of the former followers?“)
Aired: German broadcaster BR, Jan 9, 2022, 17:45, starts at minute 25:58 and ends at minute 35:09
Availability in the mediathek: Jan 8. 2023, 20:31
Bavarian Broadcast BR
9:11 min


Director: Birgit Meißner
Kamera: Markus Greißl
Editing: Monika Lutz
Moderation: Heike Götz
Domestic Sales: BR
credits in the film at
© BR 2022

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00

still gallery

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    still 00_25_58: Moderator Heike Götz introducing the report
    still 00_26_41: Village sign of Margarethenried
    still 00_27_07: Actual major of Margarethenried Michael Hofmeister remembering
    still 00_27_55: Hofmeister shows overview of the commune premises
    still 00_28_31: Old WDR report from the 1970s shows morning meditation in the commune
    still 00_29_23: Old WDR report interviews of a commune resident (a manager)
    still 00_29_54: Old WDR report shows the commune’s atrium space for meals
    still 00_30_53: Old WDR report shows commune’s price list of therapies etc.
    still 00_31_13: Therapist Brigitte Veitz, München, comments on „Sannyas movement“
    still 00_32_08: Old WDR report shows interviews with neighbours at that time
    still 00_32_25: Old WDR report shows part of the „morning meditation“ in the commune
    still 00_32_44: Ex-Sannyasin Shanti Eggendorfer tells her remembrance of this times
    still 00_33_14: Creator’s name of the WDR report
    still 00_33_22: Old WDR report shows interview of a commune resident
    still 00_33_40: Old WDR report shows interview of a 16 years old neighbour boy at that time
    still 00_34_03: Major Hofmeister invites old neighbours for remembering the almost 50 years old time including the „neighbour boy“
    still 00_34_56: Credits of the report
    still 00_35_01: Moderator Götz closes up the report