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Each week, Ashley and Megan spill the tea on a new cult and pair it with the flavor of tea they’re spilling or whatever they have in their cup that week! So cup it up and let’s get started!
2 episode
time period of hosting
March-April 2021
presenter (producer)
Ashley and Megan
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Rajneesh (Part One) and the Redneckery Rendezvous
This week Ashley and Megan cover the Part One of the Rajneesh Cult. Listen to find out the story of how Antelope, Oregon became the City of Rajneeshpuram overnight and how the overtake pursued. We take a deep dive of how the townsfolk felt as well as the Sannyasins. This is the first part of a two part episode! So cup it up and let's get started!
Date of broadcast : 30 March 2021
Duration : 1:21:03
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Episode notes :

Rajneesh (Part Two): Sheela, Salmonella, and the Story of the Doe-eyed Deer Assassin
In Episode 6, Ashley and Megan cover part two of the Rajneesh movement. Providing insight into the largest bioterrorist attack on US soil, the cult's voter fraud, shammed marriages and a slew of other crimes.
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Date of broadcast : 6 April 2021
Duration : 1:37:49
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Episode notes :