Delicate Frequencies

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This book tells the story of what it is like growing up in a Commune, traveling the world and living life in a different way.Through the eyes of child and then later as boy we move into this new reality in a rich individual writing style. From zen to the military its all in there.Read about it, thats the only way!Fantastic-say people who have read it!You must publish this! say others, beaming with passion.There is something to learn from this man explain some.Find out what it is like in Central Asia after the Berlin wall came down and how the Trance Music scene has had to move from Goa to all over the world!This is a gift to the world!
Sw Anand Satish ~ Tobias Edelberg



Delicate Frequencies

The Life of a Sannyasin

Year of publication : 2002
Publisher : iUniverse
Edition no. : 1
ISBN 9780595243020 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 286
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :