Dynamics of Meditation ~ 02

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event type interview
date & time 19 Jan 1971
location Bombay
language English
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Description of this chapter in Dynamics of Meditation (1973) #2: "Text of an interview with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh by Sw Krishna Christ of New York, U.S.A., Neo-Sannyas International Secretary for North Americ. Bombay, India." Chapter title: "Doors to Relaxation"
Reader of the question: unknown.
Question 1
In Hatha Yoga there is an exercise in which one tenses every muscle in the body and then releases the tension and becomes relaxed. In doing your meditation, it comes to my mind that it might work in a similar way, except it releases tensions from higher bodies too. Is this true? If so, which bodies are these, how many are there, and how does this happen?

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