Enlightenment - An Ultimate Celebration (2021)

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This pictorial and vivid documentary is about Enlightenment as an ultimate celebration. It contains close up scenes of Osho in Poona’s commune garden, his birth place and his pictures in stages of his life. The film explains shortly the time of his enlightenment and shows a lot of early pictures.
Osho explains enlightenment in a discourse: “Not to go into the past… Not to go into the future… Remain in the present moment… Which is the only reality… Just be here now” (minute 05:02 pp. of the video).
The film shows Sannyasins dancing, celebrating and Osho laughing publically. His talks are also about music and dance with the film showing performances of Indian musicians and dancers. Osho tells about man and woman as part of one whole. The last scene shows an event in the commune in Rajneeshpuram with Osho frenetically celebrating with Sannyasins.
May 21, 2021 on OshoWorld.com
37:09 min


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