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The concept of this letterhead is simple enough, though apparently it was only ever done once. Part of the normal letterhead content is one one side of the paper to be written on, the rest is on the other side. There is no information that appears on both sides, and, together, both sides make a complete normal name-and-address information package.

Either side can be used to start a letter. In the case of FlipSides-1 and -2, the other side was used far more frequently than this one.

This (side of the) letterhead reads, in the top left corner:

Jeevan Jagruti Kendra
115, Napier Town
Jabalpur (M.P.) (all in Devanagari script)

The other side reads, in the top left corner, simply:

Acharya Rajneesh (also in Devanagari)

Two letters or fragments are known to have been written on this letterhead:

The PS portion of the Letter written on 19 May 1965 (Manik), to Sw Yoga Manik. The main part of this letter is written on the other side, FlipSides-1
Letter written on 11 Jul 1965, to Ma Yoga Sohan, just on this side
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