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American photographer Neal Howland made a video poem about his visit to India. He used Osho's words to narrate...
Vimeo code: 201762745
From the Vimeo description:
Answering a hard question: "How was India?"
In a land of sensory overload I’ve seen, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled more than I ever thought possible. Honestly, words fail me.
So, this is my attempt to answer that question, with footage that I captured while on an epic tour of India last month. I hope that you enjoy!
Locations: New Delhi, Old Delhi, Agra, (Rajasthan: Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur)
Description on OshoNews: “How was India?”
As an answer to this question filmmaker Neal Howland replies with a glorious short film, or rather cinematic poem, filmed in New and Old Delhi, Agra, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Udaipur. With narration by Osho.
When American photographer Neal Howland returned home from a trip to India, he encountered the question ‘How was India?’ so often that he decided to answer it in the form he knew best. He made a video documenting his travels.
“In a land of sensory overload I’ve seen, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled more than I ever thought possible. Honestly, words fail me,” says Howland in a social media post.
This stunning visual tour of the country, set to a stirring message from Osho, takes you on a breakneck tour of our beautiful land – from choked streets teeming with people to vast expanses of desert, with every bustling market and awe-inspiring haveli in between.
The video’s dramatic cuts and exhilarating transitions provide the perfect foil for Osho’s pleas for us to live this life to the fullest and fill every moment with intense joy, lest we run out of the little time we have in this world.
And while Howland’s idea may not be revolutionary – for India has long been the muse of many artists – his video resonates with us and gives us pause to think about how much more we ought to appreciate the great beauty in our country.
Osho’s narration
The world has enough technology now
If it’s old prejudices and stupidities can be dropped
We can make the whole world a paradise, nothing is lacking
If we can reach to the moon
If we can create so much destructive power
The same power can be transferred into creativity.*
You are a guest
Leave this Earth, a little more beautiful …
For those unknown guests who will be following you …
Nobody belongs here
But for the moment we are here
And we have to make this moment as beautiful as possible.**
Wherever you are, it will be here and now …
Live as intentionally and totally now …
Otherwise, life goes on slipping from your hands like water
Soon you will have empty hands
And meeting death with empty hands, is an utter failure.***
Words excerpted from Osho’s discourses:
* The Last Testament (Vol 2) , ch.3, q.40
** The Golden Future , ch.22, q.2
*** The Rebellious Spirit , ch.16, q.3
Credit for finding the video goes to Jivan Vistar
3 min


A film by: Neal Howland
Editing, Grading & Sound Design: Neal Howland
Music: Speak, We're Listening - Ryan Taubert (
Words: OSHO Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Equipment: Sony A6300 w/ 16-50mm on Beholder MS1 Gimbal, DJI Mavic

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