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1986, clockwise from top: Neerava, Govind, Pathik, Amano Wudd, Mandir
1988, left to right: Mandir, Govind, Kalandar (dr), Kurt (b), Amano Wudd, Pathik
A Berlin Sannyas band which performed 1986 - 1988 with elements of Ethno, Jazz and meditative music.
Info and clips kindly provided by Sw Gyan Pathik.

Sw Deva Neerava : Drums, Percussion (Peter-Michael Schmidt,
Sw Amano Wudd : Flute, Saxophone, Percussion
Sw Gyan Mandir : Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Sw Gyan Pathik : Piano, Xylophone, Percussion (
Sw Jonas Govind : Tabla
Sw Shivam Kalandar : Drums
Kurt : Bass

1986 : Ah! (Inside out) (Tape MC). Produced by Pathik and Mandir.
with these songs:
01 Sweet September Composer: Pathik.
02 Der Ring des Berbers
03 Early Bird
04 Kaharwa
05 Take Six
06 Mittelpunkt der Erde

1988 Inside Out (Maxi single). See cover on the right. See above for clips.
Cover front
Cover back
Sweet September
Der Ring des Berbers / The Berber Ring

1988 Recorded in Berlin (not published)
01 Rondo Composer: Pathik.
02 Sand Between My Fingers Composer: Pathik.
03 The Man From India Composer: Pathik.
04 Zirkus Composer: Pathik.
05 Mevlana Road - for a clip of a later recording, see Osho Leela Band.

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