Jeevan Aur Mrityu (जीवन और मृत्यु)

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Sources: Hindi Books in Print Lists#1971 and list of books in Samund Samana Bund Mein (समुंद समाना बुंद में), 1971.11 ed. Listed also in list of books in Medisin Aur Mediteshan (मेडिसिन और मेडिटेशन) but without price.
At first published in Gujarati in Nov 1969 as Jivan Ane Mrtyu (જીવન અને મૃત્યુ). That book is translation of two chapters, 8 and 9, of Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun (मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं), which was published in Hindi later.
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Jeevan Aur Mrityu (जीवन और मृत्यु)

Year of publication : ≤1971
Publisher :
Number of pages :
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Edition notes : Publisher can be JJK, Motilal or related.