LoveOsho podcast E031 Pratiksha Apurva

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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 27 November 2018.

Episode E031: Osho meditative art
with Ma Yoga Pratiksha
listen to the interview: or click to play in your browser.

Blessed by being born into Osho’s family, Pratiksha matured into a famous artist. Pratiksha is the pioneer of a new genre called Meditative Art, acknowledged and awarded by the highest political figures in India. Pratiksha sees Osho words in colours and her art is a vehicle for expressing Osho’s vision on canvas.
Today our guest is Pratiksha Apurv. Pratiksha was born into Osho’s family and spent intimate time with Osho as a child. Pratiksha has grown into a well-known painter without any formal training. In 2016 Pratiksha won the National Award in India and her exhibition Mystical Moments was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • Pratiksha memories as a child with Osho
  • How Pratisksha would find the way to spend time with Osho
  • Pratiksha sitting on Osho’s lap
  • Osho enjoys cutting Pratiksha’s hair
  • Pratishka describes how she took sannyas at 11 years of age on her own request
  • Pratiksha designs the Mala for children
  • Pratiksha talks about how it was to be in the commune as a child
  • Pratiksha tells the story how Osho’s father (her grandfather) took sannyas
  • Osho declares his father’s enlightenment
  • Osho asks Pratiksha to draw and encourages her future talent as a painter
  • Pratiksha moves with her whole family in Oregon, USA
  • Pratiksha witnesses the miracles of a desert turning into an oasis
  • Pratiksha returns to India and becomes a famous fashion designer running a 400 people company
  • Pratiksha picks up the brush and turn into a famous artist without any formal training in painting
  • Pratiksha describes her art as giving colour to Osho’s words
  • Pratiksha is the pioneer of Meditative Art and explains how it differs from traditional art
  • Pratiksha’s art has been acknowledge and praised by the highest political figures in India
  • Pratiksha expresses Osho’s vision through painting
  • Pratiksha explains the creative process which enables her to produce her artwork
  • Pratiksha’s art has healing properties
  • Pratiksha’s current projects (building a permanent exhibition centre in Pune)
  • Pratiksha's morning routine
  • Pratiksha's favourite meditation
  • Pratiksha and Osho today

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