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This is one of the LoveOsho podcasts. It was recorded on 25 December 2018.

Episode E035: Being Osho's child
with Ma Deva Priya
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Priya’s first encounter with Osho was when still in the womb. When Priya was 4 months old, Osho told her mum: “Priya is my child, I will take care of her”. In this episode, Priya talks about her love affair and special relationship with Osho and how Osho guided her in her life through hard decisions and tough times. Priya has evolved in a wonderful, mature, and educated lady who is equally comfortable in the inner as well as the outer world.
Today our guest is Ma Priya. Priya is almost literally Osho’s child. Having met Osho since birth, Priya took sannyas aged 7 and spent her teenage years with Osho. Priya now runs a wonderful Osho meditation centre in Dharamsala, India.
Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:
  • Priya meets Osho when in the womb on the day her mum discovered to be pregnant
  • When Priya was 4 months old, Osho says to her mum: “Priya is my child and I’ll take of her”
  • As a child Priya feels a very strong magnetic pull to be physically close to Osho
  • Priya takes sannyas at the age of 7
  • Priya talks about how it was for her to live as a child in Rajneeshpuram (Oregon, USA)
  • Attending the No-School school run by sannyasins according to Osho’s vision on education
  • Priya talks about some special intimate moments with Osho in Kulu Manali, India after the Oregon experiment was over
  • Priya goes back to school and faces a very difficult time fitting in the Indian society and conventional schooling
  • Osho tells Priya to study and get a university education
  • Osho tells Priya that sannyas is not about escaping the world and asks her to live his vision of the new man
  • In Poona 2 Priya lives and works in the commune whilst completing a Master Degree in Psychology with full mark
  • Priya learns the balance between the outer world and the commune’s life
  • Priya talks about Osho Nisarga, an Osho meditation centre in Dharamsala India
  • Priya's morning routine
  • Priya's favourite meditation
  • Priya and Osho today

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