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(Suresha Hill)


Suresha began singing in school choirs at the age of nine, in church choirs at the age of twelve, and continued classical choral singing until the early years of college. She graduated from Kent State University with B.S. degrees in Elementary and Special Education, an M.S. in School Psychology, and an Ed.S. in the Systems Intervention and Prevention specialty area of School Psychology. After moving to Atlanta in 1974, while working as a psychologist she continued in the modeling career she began in Ohio, started a fashion production company, worked as the fashion and entertainment editor for the Atlanta Voice Newspaper, and began singing and acting in theatre and commercials. She landed bit parts in a few films, numerous print jobs, and began doing voice-overs for radio.

After moving to New York in 1977, she continued to work as a model, actress, and writer for a small PR firm, then went headlong into spiritual pursuits. In 1979 she went to India and lived in Osho's commune the next seven years. During this time she sang in Sufi Dance and Music Group. She then toured with different bands throughout India and Europe, and also played regularly in night clubs on the West Coast. All received rave reviews. The musical styles ranged from hard rock to reggae, soul, pop, African, and devotional celebrative songs.

In 1986 she relocated to the Bay Area and began writing and developing her own style of New Age music. She composed, produced and performed two largely instrumental cassettes entitled Blissful Goddess and Peaceful Heart on her own label, One Sky Productions. While on a European tour with an international band in 1989, she was asked to do a maxi-single and two vocal albums on the Nightingale label.

Suresha followed her three degrees from Kent State University with studies including Breath Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu, Breema, Polarity, Deep Tissue Massage, the Bowen Method, Applied Kinesiology and Hanna Somatic Education. She continued in the field of neuromuscular reeducation with classes from Upledger, Paul St. John, Judith Aston, and Anat Baniel. Developing her own style called NeuroSomatic Integration™, she discovered the importance of ‘differentiation’, the ability for all parts to move freely within their relationship to the whole. She has a passion for sharing the significance of independent movement and the dynamic interaction between the core and the extremities, for which she developed a course to help bodyworkers to mobilize joints and soft tissue. Suresha has worked in spas, wellness centers, physical therapy clinics and chiropractic offices, and found rehabilitating injuries to be particularly rewarding. She began practicing bodywork in 1978, led workshops abroad in martial arts and psycho-physical integration in the 1980's, and has been teaching bodywork for over ten years.

She founded The Marin Center for Somatic Education in 1992 in order to help generate interest and awareness in the concept of prevention and the process of self-sensing as a door to maintaining health and well-being. Since its inception, the center has promoted and taught numerous movement classes and somatic education workshops, offered private sessions, mentoring to other bodyworkers, as well as client consultations.

Three volumes of Somatic Intelligence © were produced and distributed as a manual and guide to students of this work, and to help forward the integration of these principles into other forms of movement, therapeutic exercise, and hands-on practices. The Marin Center for Somatic Education is a vehicle to help solve the puzzle of chronic pain, to help reverse acute pain and dysfunction, and to help promote self-sensing and self-regulation in ways that prevent old issues from recurring and new ones from developing.

Her label, One Sky Productions, has also in 2013 issued a new book by her, "Remember the Wisdom," a collection of interviews with a variety of shamans from different traditions.

Contact Details

Shibui Gardens Outdoor Spa
Marin Center for Somatic Education
19 Tamalpais Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
PO Box 150954
San Rafael, CA 94915
Phone: +1 415 339-8196
Phone: +1 415 457-0283 (bookings)
Marin Center for Somatic Education
Shibui Gardens Outdoor Spa
One Sky Productions
2013 : Remember the Wisdom that Progress Forgot: Stories from Cultures Around the World that Speak to the Heart and Soul
2016 : Healing into the Heart of Death: Tender Transitions and the Process of Letting Go
2016 : Somatic Intelligence, Vol 4: What Your Body Is Dying for You to Know
2016 : Somatic Intelligence, Vol 5: The Conversation Every Body Wants to Have with You
1983 : Magic in the Air
1983 : 1983-07-06 Master's Day Darshan ~ God is Wild
1983 : 1983-09-08 Mahaparinirvana Day Darshan
1983 : 1983-12-11 Bhagwan's Birthday Celebration ~ Lord of the Moon
1987 : A Great Affair
198? : Blissful Goddess
198? : Peaceful Heart
1991 : 1991-02 Sannyas Initiation in Buddhahall
1991 : Secrets
1991 : Mystery of Sound & Silence, Vol 2
1992 : Mystery of Sound & Silence, Vol 3
1993 : Oceanic
1993 : Musicgroup 1992-1993 ~ Soft Flowers
1994 : We Have To Talk About It
1994 : Musik zur meditativen Entspannung
2012 : This Precious Moment
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