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(Lisa St.Johns)

Hello Beloved friends of Osho, we just returned from Pune India Dec. 1st 2005 having spent over 3 months visiting the Osho Meditation Resort, what an awesome time it was...

We are both Master Teachers of Reiki, Amira is in the process of becoming a Feng Shui Master Teacher, Dharmendra is a Martial Arts Master and Teacher of thirty plus years, mainly teaching Tai Chi, Ba-Kua and Hsing-I, and also practices NLP Hypnosis...

Dharmendra has been a Sannyasin since 1978 and has visited the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune India 5 times for a total of 3 years, was a resident at the Ranch in Oregon for 3 years, and was at Geetam in 1981 for 8 months...

Amira has been a Sannyasin since 1990 and first visited the Osho Meditation Resort in 1989...

We have known each other for 45 years, and what we share in common most as great friends and lovers is our love for Osho and our passion for our spiritual paths... We are always interested in connecting with other Sannyasins, old and new, as well as other like minded people... We are available for sessions and trainings for the above mentioned practices...


Contact Details

Gilbert, AZ
Phone: +1 480 861-1812

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