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(Sally Block)

I quibbled with my college Russian flute teacher over studying the Impressionists. Not because I didn’t love Debussy, it was more a yearning to drop the music sheets and learn to improvise. A few years later, in San Francisco, I heard G.S. Sachdev playing Indian classical bansuri, and that music is all about improvisation. I knew then that it was this sophisticated and meditative music I wanted to study next. To add to the intrigue, Yusef Lateef was studying with Sachdev at the time.

In the span of 12 colorful years of living in India, I played my flutes in the company of very good Indian and eclectic international musicians. I had lessons with a Drupad vocalist from the famed Dagar family. I met a mystic who pointed me in the direction of the source of music, silence. Having an interest in acting as well, I landed a speaking part with the lead actor, Mammootty, in a Bollywood film titled Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

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Loshoba Music LLC
Sag Harbor
New York, NY
Sally Block
1987 : Love Is An Invitation
2007 : Halfway to Midnight
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