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(Sanne Wurzer)

As a kid questions arose about life: why are we here? How do I know what I want to do in life? Where do we come from? Stuff like that.

I started exploring the books of my parents and then fell in love with the words of Osho. He is still my all time favorite rebellious inspirator of them all. There and then I decided to go visit his ashram one day. Unfortunately too late to really meet him physically, but still loved being in this place he left. Learned so much there, and came back 2 times after it.

While I was there the first time I was writing a column for Cosmopolitan. I told them: 'Do you want me to continue to write? Because from now on things may become SO airyfairy!' Well, the rest is history. My editor wanted me to go on and from these columns a book was born: Blonde Boedhda.

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2007: Blonde Boeddha